Writing Chinese essays used to be my most annoying headache at school. Practicing English writing for studying abroad was even more of a burden. However, later I found it extremely powerful to sort out my floating thoughts. Having realized that it could be worthwhile to share them with more people, I started to put more conscious efforts into it and publish my writings on Medium.

More Music, or More From Music

Streaming music services have brought about unprecendented convenience of accessing music, but I feel I derive less and less joy and value from listening to music than I used to.

Brian Eno. What does he know?

From one of the most influential and multi-talented artists of our time -- Brian Eno, what can we learn about creative thinking?

Remembering David Bowie From A China Girl

Upon the sudden passing of David Bowie, I look back on the inspiring experience of discovering his work, and realize his influence on me way beyond music. His legendary life has given me an answer of what it means to be a true creative for life.

Navigating the Mess

The experience of learning design and HCI at Stanford can be extremely exciting and also sometimes puzzling. Looking back, I finally start to see how all the dots are connected.