I’m Ningxia Zhang (张宁夏), a product designer living in San Francisco, originally from China. With a mixed background of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Entrepreneurship, I bring a holistic perspective to design, and can take a product idea from concept to life. When I'm not designing, I spend my time painting, making conceptual art, strolling in galleries and museums, going to concerts and reading.

My Story

I was born and raised in Yichang, a small city in central China. As a child, I loved drawing and creating little art pieces. Later, in middle school I gave up all my creative pursuits when I was found to be talented in math and science, and everyone told me that art was for people who weren’t smart enough to do math.

So I ended up as a Software Engineering major in Fudan, one of the best universities in China. I enjoyed understanding abstract concepts and solving complex problems, but felt something was missing. I missed the joy of creating, and I realized even though technology is powerful, the art of making it easy to adopt is what eventually makes it beneficial to us. The dots started to connect.

This led me to Stanford for a master degree in Human-Computer Interaction, an area in Computer Science that intersects with design, social science, etc. I took classes ranging from machine learning to designing for theater experiences, and got fully immersed in the creative and entrepreneurial environment. It was quite challenging, especially for a newly-arrived international student, but the overall experience was transformative and empowering.

After graduation, I joined an early-stage startup founded by Stanford HCI researchers as the Director of User Experience. I was responsible of user research, interaction design, visual design, as well as corporate and product branding, while being closely involved in product strategy, business development and front-end development. It was a tremendous learning experience.

I'm currently designing @ Facebook :)


About the Site

This site is designed and hand-coded by me, using a Yeoman generator for static sites named Yeogurt, with the power of Jade, Sass and Foundation. The code can be found on Github. It's constantly being updated, see the changelog.